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Case Study


Brand Identity

The core of any notable brand is their identity. Who they are, what they stand for. What can consumers expect? It was refreshing and inspiring working with Seedlings Place to establish their brand identity.

Brand Story

The way consumers interact with businesses and brands has evolved over the last decade. Social media has changed the landscape for brands big and small, and you, our audiences and customers want to know more, see more and connect more. Having an idenitifiable brand story helps to do just that.


As with anything, you fail to plan, you plan to fail. With our relaunch strategy, Seedlings Place was able to identfy their objectives, KPIs and timeline. We provided a map of exactly what needed to be executed and when, so that they could confidently and successfully relaunch without the overwhelm.

Project Development

After having an opportunity to test and survey the market, it was time for Seedlings Place to develop an offer their clients couldn't refuse. Cooking with Seedlings Place was created! Metrics showed that the SP community had a keen interest in learning to cook healthy meals, hence developing a program that would solve that problem in the simplest, most value driven way.

Planting Seeds for the Future

We’re proud to be a part of the Seedlings Place journey as they are committed to planting seeds of health and wellness for the future. Despite being on a few-year hiatus, the return of Seedlings Place seemed to be just what was needed during a time of rising conversations around health in the context of a society living with the fears, restrictions and multiple variants of the coronavirus. Their desire was to remind their community that Seedlings Place was there as a beacon of support, resources and knowledge to help families gain confidence in their wellness and healthy lifestyle choices. Our job was to help them give definition to the soul that already existed within a brand formed back in 2007. There was a natural flow each step of the way. It was fun seeing Rhonda, Seedlings Place founder, embrace the changes in social media marketing and step out of her comfort zone to create more content that supported the brand’s identity, story, mission and objectives. With the utilities we provided, Seedlings Place had a strong, successful re-emergence with multiple initiatives including Wellness Wednesday, 21 Day Food as Fuel Challenge and Cooking with Seedlings Place. We are always pleased to witness the process and help our clients achieve the results they aspire for.


Case Study


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