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Creating beautiful designsdesigns forfor a wellness, vegan brand championing for change in the community

Seedlings Place

Seedlings Place is no stranger to Elemental Business Solutions. The relationship between the 2 founders is deep-rooted in years of working together in the community. It’s always an honor and pleasure to bring an old partner or friend along your journey as you continue to grow and evolve, and that’s what we have here. When Rhonda Wright (Seedlings Place’s very own Wellness Godmother) wanted to relaunch her brand into the community, starting with social media, she knew having a strong and telling presence was needed. After being on a brief hiatus, it was all about reminding the wellness community that Seedlings Place was there to support and guide them. The brand photography shoot with the Seedlings Place family was a fun and special experience for us. It reinforced our creative bond and trust that our people at EBS are also Seedlings Place’s people. Over 2 days, we shot photography that would be used to create months of content for the green living brand. As for social media, client had gradual goals and milestones in mind for their social media success. We created a plan for posting strategy and within weeks, Seedlings Place saw their reach and engagement skyrocket. Together we were able to reach new follow goals, growing by over 500 followers on Instagram and Facebook in less than six months.


Brand Photography and Social Media for The Tehuti Clan


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