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BluePrints & MasterMinds™

If there’s one accomplishment we are proud of at Elemental headquarters, it’s hands down the highlight of 2021. A moment of much anticipation, excitement and impact. We decided to officially launch our digital company Elemental Business Solutions LLC with BluePrints & MasterMinds™ 2021 Virtual Conference in the midst of a global pandemic to a global online audience . The goal for Aisha Nesut Ani, founder and lead strategist at EBS is to create a brand within the Elemental family that focuses on the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, creatives and global leaders.BluePrints & MasterMinds™ promotes inclusivity for all. We’re creating the space for more minority and Afro-Caribbean faces in the industry (to be seen) through strategic partnerships which allow us to bridge the gap between the masters and the apprentices in tech, media, communications, finance and business.
If EBS were to represent what’s current and relevant, BPMM would be the toddler whose hand we are holding, guiding and developing, preparing for the next turn of the tides.
Five months of planning, sending out pitches and proposals, liasing with vendors, communicating with master presenters culminated into a dynamic 8 hour virtual conference. Our lineup was so incredible that every presentation was considered a keynote. The knowledge and information that was shared, the strategies and tactics, the inspiration and motivation were all a representation of bringing a vision to life. And the greatest joy was knowing that we were able to reach hundreds of registrants and attendees from around the Bahamas, through the Caribbean, into North America and as far as the great continent of Africa. We could rest easy until the next conference, workshop,program or podcast launch knowing that we’re helping to shape the future.


Launching EBS with BluePrints & MasterMinds™


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