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11 Inspiring Bahamian Women Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following on Social Media (and the 1 unique lesson you can learn from each of them)

This feature takes us to the tiny nation archipelago of the Bahamas and highlights 11 Bahamian Women Entrepreneurs who have been inspiring us with their social media presence.


These are some ambitious, dynamic, influential Bahamian women entrepreneurs who you may have seen on your newsfeed, your FY page or even in a Twitter thread. Each of these women founders is paving the way in their respective industries and sharing their knowledge, values and journeys with us through social media.


Social media has had a tremendous impact on small business growth in the last decade. It has given entrepreneurs an unprecedented ability to reach larger audiences and actively build relationships with potential customers and partners. Before social media, businesses had to rely on traditional marketing methods such as television, radio, newspaper, billboards, etc. These methods are typically more expensive and not in reach for many small businesses.


The popularity of social media has led to new marketing trends: Social media marketing.

Considering that 4.59 billion people are on social media, it’s not surprising that 73% of marketers agree that social media is very effective in their business strategy. Another indicator is that 75% of customers use social media to research products.


Hundreds, even thousands of women entrepreneurs around the world are leaving their mark and shifting the culture in their respective industries, serving as an inspiration for all of us.


Women in business have a notable impact on communities and the economic growth of their countries, and the Caribbean is no different. The Caribbean is home to an increasing number of women entrepreneurs and while there are still numerous unique challenges and obstacles they have to navigate, the increased availability of resources and support makes it easier than ever for women to start and maintain a successful business in the Caribbean.


One major resource for many small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world is Social Media.

Keep reading to meet 11 Inspiring Bahamian Women Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following on Social Media (and the 1 unique lesson you can learn from each of them):


Simone Gibson

Simone Bowe, Proprietress of Skinistry, Nassau Bahamas
simone gibson, Skinistry

Be prepared for the trolls/negative comments.

Block and delete should become your best friends, everything doesn’t warrant a response. 

As a medical esthetician and laser technician, Simone helps people to improve their self-image from the outside in. Simone Gibson is the founder of Skinistry, a skin care studio that specializes in acne skin care and hyper-pigmentation. She regularly shares her skincare routine and demonstrates why facials and a consistent skincare routine are more effective in helping you to achieve the results that you desire most.


Any tips on what to do/what not to do when developing a presence on social media as a businesswoman?


Don’t be afraid of the camera! Most business owners want to be behind the scenes (slowly raises hand), however, your audience wants to see you. They want to hear your story and how you built the business! You’d be surprised how inspiring you are to so many people. As scary and nerve-wracking as that is, it makes you relatable and they become more inclined to support your business. 


One unique lesson you can learn from Simone:

Patience is a virtue.


Find Simone on Social: 



Caline Newton

Caline Newton Founder of Live Life Free

International & TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and Philanthropist. Caline G. Newton is an accountant with 25 years of experience as a certified fraud examiner, a certified financial crime specialist, and a certified financial education instructor. She teaches savvy women how to implement simple strategies and systems to power their mindset, preserve and protect their money, and purposely pass on wealth effectively with ease.

What’s 1 lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur that you feel every woman (or man) should know? 


Entrepreneurship to me is a Journey. You are on a path that leads to legacy. However, there will be many twists and turns, uncertainty, and unforeseen obstacles because entrepreneurship is inherently risky. However, one lesson that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is to fail forward fast while being future-focused. The sooner you acknowledge the failure, you are able to act to mitigate any loss; ultimately clearing the path to move to success. As one of my mantras crystalizes this  – You cannot fix what you do not face. 


One unique lesson you can learn from Carline:

Keep track of your finances and use your spare money to clear the debt as soon as possible. Because as soon as you get debt free, as soon as you can start on the journey to financial freedom.


Find Caline on Social:



Aryanna Joy Roberts

Aryanna Joy Roberts sitting at table

With over 13 years of experience in the film and entertainment industry, Aryana Joy Roberts has worked with big names like ABC, WWE, BBC, REVLON, National Geographic, and Disney. She is the sole proprietor and head producer of one of the leading film production companies in Grand Bahama, ASPS.


Aryana is one of the founding members of BASSA (The Bahamas Screen and Stage Association). She was also recognized as one of the Bahamas’ 40 Most Influential and Successful Professionals under 40. With so many accomplishments attached to her name, her goal is to see more Bahamian filmmakers achieve global success.

Aryanna J Roberts holding a camera

Any tips on what to do/what not to do when developing a presence on social media as a businesswoman?


As a businesswoman, when developing a presence on social media, the tips that I would suggest all businesswomen follow are: 

1). Be authentic and know your ‘why’. Tell your story, but truly understand your motives – why are you posting on social media in the first place, and do you actually believe in the content you’re posting? If you don’t, why should anyone else? 

2). Choose hi-res and thought provoking content to capture your audience’s attention. 

3). Don’t chase the following/ the numbers. The likes and numbers don’t pay your bills, so I encourage you to be so consumed in your work – posting what you love, and loving what you’re doing – that the number of followers you have or the likes you get on a post never becomes your focus or your ‘why’. Trust me, your tribe will find you.  

4). Follow / research trends to stay relevant. 

5). Collaborate with similar minds – no man or woman is an island. 

6). Unfollow any pages that make you question who you are or why you are doing what you are doing, and instead follow motivational posts – posts that will get you out of the bed or spark creativity in you. 

7). Get started! Done is better than perfect, but when you can, hire a social media manager for your business account, so that you can focus on what is truly important – the business! 


One unique lesson you can learn from Aryana:

You can do anything with the right attitude.


Find Aryana on Social:


Rhonda Wright

Rhonda Wright founder of Seedlings Place

A plant-based, health and wellness coach, Rhonda Wright is the founder of Seedlings Place, where she serves as the community Wellness Godmother, supporting, guiding, coaching, and inspiring people along their wellness journey.


At Seedlings Place, the mission is to affect the next generation’s wellness choices through early exposure to alternative lifestyle habits and fostering a commitment and relationship with communities to support greater understanding and a higher level of confidence in health, wellness, and earth-friendly living.

What helps you to confidently show up on social media?


Interesting question, because I show up confidently now, but I wasn’t always.  Now, I consistently remind myself that I AM the expert in my business and that my story and brand are unique because no one else has my story.  The support of friends and coaches has also affirmed that I can do it!  All of that now adds to my confidence level.


One unique lesson you can learn from Rhonda:

It’s better to have failed than to regret not having tried at all.


Find Rhonda on Social:


Chantel O'Brian

Chantel Obrien Headshot

Miss Bahamas Universe ’21 and Miss Universe: Top 10 Chantel O’Brian is a pageant, runway, confidence, and etiquette coach with around 10 years of experience in her industry. With her academy P.S. O’Brian Consulting, she coaches individuals on proper body control, movements, and pace.

Has social media played a role in the growth of your brand or business?

It has been a primary factor as it’s connected me with international clients who’ve worked with me virtually and flown in for coaching.


One unique lesson you can learn from Chantel:

Confidence is the key to success.


Find Chantel on Social:

PS Obrien Consulting

Erin Brown

Erin Brown Connects

A Disability advocate, disability inclusion consultant, and representing the Bahamas in the triathlon at the Paralympics Games in Tokyo in 2021. Erin Brown, a 40-year-old mother of two kids has made empowering people with disabilities the force of her life.


She is well known for advocacy for the disability community in the Bahamas. Her consulting firm ErinBrownConnects advocates in many areas, including health care and workspace. She is also the one-person department of disability compliance at the University of The Bahamas.


What do you feel are the benefits of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship provides a truly equitable space to thrive. There is a space for every business, product, service, or program. You are allowed to reframe, redesign, refocus, and reap the benefits of showing up authentically each time. Disabled entrepreneurs can benefit even more because we lead the equity in our spaces and have the ability to adapt to any circumstances by design.


One unique lesson you can learn from Erin:

Keep fighting for what is rightfully yours until you get it.


Find Erin on Social:

Alex Kaufmann

Alex of bahayogi

Alex is a lover of yoga, wellness, and life. She has practiced and studied Power, Baptiste, Hot, Restorative, Rocket, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. She has also completed over 500 hours of yoga teacher training with world-renowned instructors. Alex specializes in flexibility and core training, yoga for beginners, and finding self-love and appreciation through intention-filled practice and meditation.


Her platform BAHAYOGI embodies the importance of self-love and body positivity. Alex is a firm believer that yoga is for every BODY. Well-versed in the traditional practices of yoga, Alex also enjoys adding her modern flair to her teaching.

Alex Kaufmann yogi

What’s 1 lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur that you feel every woman (or man) should know?


Growth is not linear. It doesn’t get better and better every day. Some days will be rough, and some days you’ll want to give up but breathe, stay strong, and learn from everything. It’s in these times that you’ll find the most wisdom. 


One unique lesson you can learn from Alex:

Be yourself and believe in yourself.


Find Alex on Social:



Keshelle Davis

Keshelle Davis

One unique lesson you can learn from Keshelle:

Develop skills in a niche (it can be a hobby too), learn how to monetize them, and build an income stream on them.

Find Keshelle on Social:


Business leader, master trainer, and entrepreneur, Keshelle Davis is the CEO of The Training Authority Bahamas. It’s a trusted coaching, learning, and development partner for companies in The Bahamas and the Caribbean. Keshelle creates business success related courses and online programs for women in business.


With almost 2 decades of experience, Keshelle helps businesses improve performance, leadership, teamwork, service, and office productivity. 


What has been the greatest impact social media has had on your business?


I think the greatest impact for me has been reach. I can say that I have friends, contacts, and clients, literally from around the world. And I don’t think that it would’ve been possible without the leverage of social media. When I go to conferences and I meet people, social media has allowed me to remain connected too. When I speak and when I coach, social media has allowed people to connect with me and see the work that I’m doing.

Kerel Pinder

Kerel Pinder @ TEDx Grand Bahama

Kerel Pinder is a brand strategist and filmmaker. She helps brands tell their story in a creative & compelling way. With the help of plays, books, public speaking, and TV & Film, Kerel helps others to grow, chase purpose and become the most authentic version of themselves.

Kerel transparently shares her journey of faith, family, and filmmaking through her YouTube channel and podcast. She is the managing director of Island Dreams Management.

Kerel Pinder

What type of business do you have and why did you choose this path?

I am a Film Producer/ Brand & Marketing Strategist. I grew up in the theater and always thought that one day that I would be an actress, however I never got any speaking roles in the plays I auditioned for, so this dream was fading fast lol. Fast forward to 2013 and I was hit with the inspiration to begin writing my first production. Over the years as I continued to produce my productions people often asked how I came up with so many unique strategies to promote my plays. I realized I had a gift of storytelling not only on the stage and the screen but by also tapping into the stories behind a brand.


One unique lesson you can learn from Kerel:

Seek clarity on what you have to offer and to not be afraid to pivot or evolve.


Find Kerel on Social:

Simmone Bowe

A seasoned, certified speaker, corporate trainer, personal development coach, leadership advisor, and much more! Simmone is a mentor of leaders, with a bold mission to inspire positive change in national development throughout the Diaspora by developing authentic, transformational, limitless leaders. She shares tips and insights on how to become a leader and win in the workplace and life.


What helps you to confidently show up on social media?


Believe it or not, I am an introvert!  No one believes me but I am.  I LOVE being in front of the camera, but it takes a lot to get me there.  I do not like doing videos, especially talking about myself.  What helps me to show up is affirming that I have a lot to offer my audience and withholding that is not helping them or me.  I remind myself that there is an audience waiting for me to show up as my authentic self.  I am inspired by all the people that tell me how much they love my content and how much it has helped them.  So I put my personal feelings aside, dig deep, and press record!

One unique lesson you can learn from Simmone:

You are limitless…


Find Simmone on Social: 


Aisha Nesut Ani

Our founder, Aisha Armbrister, more fondly known as Aisha Nesut Ani, first started her career as a solopreneur back in 2009. She had little to no access to resources, information, or even mentorship, yet that has only fueled Aisha to make the impossible possible.

Aisha leads Elemental Business Solutions LLC, a global consulting firm that specializes in brand and marketing development for primarily service-based entrepreneurs. She’s designed EBS to help other businesses grow. As a first-generation entrepreneur, she believes it’s important to show and teach the next generation what is possible with commitment, dedication, resilience, persistence, and hard work.

Aisha Nesut Ani & Sonia Brown at BPMM Conference
Aisha Nesut Ani founder of Elemental Business Solutions LLC

Who’s your ideal tribe? 


I thrive in environments or groups where typically women (but also men) are confident, considerate, goal and community-driven. My tribe is self-aware and intentional about self-love, which means that they invest in personal development, make time for wellness, and move away from self-destructive habits. We are folks that live with passion and work with purpose, we are legacy builders, we challenge the status quo and create new paradigms. Being the change is important to my ideal tribe and of course, I can’t talk about my tribe without saying we love to enjoy life. So we’re about curating every aspect of our personal and professional lives to cultivate joy.


One unique lesson you can learn from Aisha:

The race is not for the swiftest, it is for those who endure to the very end.


Find Aisha on Social:



This is it.

We hope some of the lessons shared from these phenomenal women stay with you and you are inspired to find new and creative ways to use social media to connect with your audience and expand your brand’s growth. Show some support to these beautiful Bahamian women entrepreneurs by joining their communities and sharing their voices and stories with someone you know may benefit. 

PS: Don’t forget to join our Elemental Insider community! Join our email list here.

Written By:

Marketing Content Creation @ EBS. I love learning and trying new things.


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    Congratulations to all of these remarkable women and thank you for your gifts to the world. I am grateful to call several of them sisters and friends. Continue to blossom beautifully and show up confidently in our world. Much love and respect.

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